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  1. Michael L. Raggi
    January 20, 2015

    I am a member of IACIS and a CFCE. In order to meet training requirements for re-certification I often use HTCIA training meetings to do so. IACIS requires either a letter, e-mail, or certificate as prrof of attendance (whether in person or via Webinar.) I have several times in the past requested same, with negative responses, or responses that I would receive same, but never did.

    Is there any way to request this via the NE chapter website? maybe a generic cert or letter, tied into attending the meeting?

    Or what is the best way to do so, to ensure I/we receive them? On a per meeting basis?


    Mike aggi

    • northeast
      February 16, 2015

      In the past we were not set up well to do this. Because of that, it has been a somewhat challenging request to fulfill. This year, with the launch of this new web site, we now have a new and better process to track attendance and training sessions. We will be able to provide a single Certificate of Attendance that will show an individual’s attendance and training session details for the year. This will be available at the end of the year for anyone who requests it. We will be sending out an email reminder after our October meeting regarding this.

  2. Larry Williams
    January 21, 2015

    I would like thank the HTCIA for sponsoring a great training forum at PACE University in NYC regarding FTK and MPE+. The instructors were great and helpful in their presentation of the material. I know due to the time constraints the presentation was pushed along at a somewhat hurried pace. Maybe next time there will be sufficient time so that the material could be digested more slowly.

    This is the type of training that I enjoy the most and would like to see it continue in the future. I trust that the information discussed during the training will be uploaded to the new website or sent out to members via the listserv. Thanks again for all the boards efforts in beginning it’s members quality instruction with regard to Forensic Technology.

    • northeast
      February 16, 2015

      We are glad that you found the meeting beneficial! Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of many of our presentations, we are generally not able to get permission to record and post our training session content. However, we are sometimes able to get follow up documentation and/or whitepapers related to the training topics presented. When we are able to get that kind of content we will post it to our Resources page on this web site or make it available for download from a third party site such as Dropbox, etc. For this particular meeting, Syntricate did provide us with documentation on performing advanced searches in FTK. This document is available on our Resources page.

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